Ankara, 2008

How do tourists come to Ankara?

Introducing the world to Ankara, makes it attractive to tourists arrive, How to Make?


Herpes can imagine some very contemporary projects.

For tourists: 1) history, 2) nature-parks, 3) eating and drinking culture and entertainment,
4) the values ​​of the city, 5) architectural works of the past and the future
6) macro-projects developed.


1) Ankara'mız very fortunate to date.
mö.12. varolon century since the Hittites, a city (ankuwash).
Galatlar'a twice been the capital of an important city and the country Turkey.
all the way all the historical monuments everywhere, exhibited a
yaratılmalıdır.müzeleri city which is very common, living history, parks,
squares, full of historical monuments of an ancient Başkent.Depolar emptied.
yapılırki an exhibition to showcase the design work is theft, earthquake,

Exhibited all over korur.Şehrin on fire as possible.

Display, the historical objects in the city are perhaps unique in the world.

Previous Ankara emblem of the suspect returned to the court of cassation.

Former mayor of Ankara emblem, the symbol of thousands of years of history

In the words of the emblem of the city's history is very convenient to the fore to extract ...

2) Nature and parks in Ankara hiçde is unfortunate.
Gölbaşı Mogan, Stanford EREĞLİ, Kızılcahamam-Çamlıdere forests,

Rod threshold (filled with water treatment), Rod Karagöl Elmadağ,

Ankara dam Kesikköprü the most stylish, be given the right way.

European high-class ambience, designs, high quality applications,

removal of garrisons out of town competitions yapılmalıdır.Askeri

Be achieved in the vast landscape of new fields can be edited.


3) Eating and drinking is essential to tourism. Wine, drink quieter, inexpensive, nice restaurants, sponsors and even tax exemptions and other incentives made using a supported, strict supervision, support and incentives to the fore, subtracting,

Qualified persons should be given the opportunity to Turkish cuisine, much attention to the presentation, to be clean, inexpensive and very good quality restaurants

Be given to Ankara ..

4) the values ​​of Ankara, Ankara Goat-Mohair, Angora Cat, Ankara, Honey,
Ankara is Bunny. Goats in Ankara in 1950 and took the United States
very deliberately, trying to stand in the manufacture of lint geçmiştir.moher (mohair)
the world's most important wool varieties. All of these values ​​separately in Ankara
very, very important. The way tourists cat, rabbit neutered

satılabilir.Bal wallets and identity as well Moher already sold.

Ministry of Culture, municipalities can take the lead in this regard.


5) Architectural works of the past and the future;

Titles is given to the protection of architectural importance,

The weight of the style of the place in a global world, the original, not robbery,

High quality, level, with extensive research

should promote all kinds of new architectural designs.
Both the architect of the project, as the employer, the contractor for both awards,

all kinds of incentives and facilities as are supported.

At work, even the smallest to the fore the importance of architecture should be removed.

Mosques are available with different aesthetic interventions acubelik corrected.

6) Macro projects

Trend, some countries perform very, very expensive projects,

800 mt skyscrapers, while they on the sea islands;

I say we need to get the sea on a wide scale in Ankara exaggerated.

Karadenizden just assume that water be brought by pipeline.

Contracting services with an advanced level with oil pipelines.

Such a project in a planned way through our own means

Can take place. Let's make a small inland sea.

To be used, the cleanliness is also very carefully, indicating

Let's make the purified again .. If you need to return the Black Sea

Environmental projects and subsequent macro of a small inland sea,

Will be the world's first example of vocal,

macro project, or to have already been pre-
I mean new ideas and work completed with outstanding success.

Global warming, rivers, groundwater depletion decreased

Careless use of water in lakes eventually slate kuruyor.Gölbaşının 100 years old. building, strong dry.

The men on the sea make the island city building ..

Perhaps the first great inland sea in the world, a small lakeside is very convenient for an exciting project olacaktır.Yeri. Intertwined with Ankara

This can be done because of a job, their contractors oil pipeline, gas pipeline Thousands of jobs have become very expert in making yaptılar.Karadenizden 195 km, the pipeline is completed speedily, will pay much attention from Ankara, will very carefully,

Currently the lake is 6 km2, 8-9 km2
Will exceed the depth of 6.5-7 mt 5 mt.

Around an inland sea about 11 km ...
From Ankara teeming sea, the sea, go on vacation every year, return .. benimsenecektir.Çevre planned very very very excellent beaches, green spaces, restaurants, entertainment areas, picnic

Financiers, investors are easily bulunur.Hükümet support.
Macro is the feasibility of a business, but the macro is not money.


LATER IN THE WORLD is the first capital of SEA gained.

Climate change, the fish would be seagulls.


Tourist income. Provide long-term financing from the tourists.

Ankara richer, Ükemiz wins.


Levent Timurhan


Technology is an important country both in Turkeydoubtlessly and Istanbul in

and prove to the world class jumped, solutions on promotion

returns when compared to the costs tremendously,
Important works that keep coming up in a different size
What could it be?

Istanbul, two times, three times the tourists, which will bring
Both Istanbul, and a tremendous value-added country Turkey
will provide a work will demonstrate the power of publicity,
Arouse admiration and wonder what in the world can be an architectural masterpiece?

That separates the ordinary from Southeast Asian countries Malaysia, an important
Petronas towers country proving that they are works of technology,
Dubai skyscraper made of 880 mt, Sea islands are filled in,
Examples of works such as the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao exactly this topic.

It really is a cost, but the work of thousands of potential publicity, the works ...
Skyscraper in the most aesthetically pleasing designs, reaching the low to very high-tech

It is very important the image of the country.

There are two idle men, although Yassıada and Sivriada Istanbul.

Let superiors skyscrapers competing with each other.

Both islands are used in the closed area of ​​8000 m2 50 evil dönüm.Zeminde

If the two high-rise 500 mt kalır.Her 42000 m2 open area. should not be less than.

Design and project architect Frank Gehry, the world's best architects,

the other is done by architect Zaha Hadid, experiences yarıştırmalı for innovation.

The best of Japanese and Singaporeans landscape-rock landscape design, the brand became.
The islands and the sea of ​​Marmara facilities using internal

Designing the new landscape that will sample the world of genius,
Helicopters to transport, sea buses, Fast sea limousines,

Private aircraft descending to the sea, and even passenger aircraft ...

Istanbul is a central location for transport to Europe, asia, middle east.

The world's most beautiful inland sea of ​​360 degrees, all of Marmara,

uludağ the Dardanelles and Istanbul, such a sight ...

Residences would want to get involved in the world made a name for the wealthy,

L.Vegas highly controlled then will be the envy casinos, under water, including floors, suites, Hotels and restaurants around the island underwater views, Panorama restaurants, bars, beaches, marinas plenty of all-stars, of course ...

You already have a climate that will attract the riches of this world amazing, do not var.Yok comfort.

Limousine-style cable car that connects the two islands would be nice ... if the water in the bottom of the two islands

Between all kinds of fish and sea creatures, including a giant natural

says the aquarium will do, Underwater restaurants to watch with this view,

glass tube connecting the two candidates, bird submarines hover

What else do you ...

Beauties in Istanbul is very befitting.


Levent Timurhan